Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Austin, Texas

Welcome to the Leading Lights Awards entry system

SUBMISSIONS MUST BE NO LONGER THAN 300 WORDS. Failure to keep to the word count could result in your entry being rejected by the judges. Once submitted, entries cannot be edited using this site: please email us if you need to make changes.

SUPPORTING MATERIALS: Up to 5 links for supporting information can be provided through the online entry form. Please do not send us any documents.

ENTRY GUIDELINES: Please ensure you have read our entry guidelines and FAQ before proceeding.

ENTRY ASSISTANCE: Please send an email with the subject line “Leading Lights Awards Entry Assistance” to egan@lightreading.com

Extended submission deadline: Friday, May 1, 2020

Awards Entry Form 2020

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  • NOTE: Must have been announced or launched on or after March 1, 2019 to qualify.
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  • * WHY WE SHOULD WIN : Provide, in 300 words or less , a brief description of the product/service/deployment/strategy/acquisition, the associated business case and briefly explain how your product/service/deployment/strategy/acquisition is innovative and differentiated from competitors' equivalent offerings in terms of performance, features, price, strategy etc. For the Company of the Year (Public or Private) categories, please include relevant financial performance/metrics as part of the 300-word submission.
  • Please separate each link using a comma.
  • Payment

    The cost for each entry is $399. Entry fees are non-refundable. Credit card payments can be made online after you have submitted your entry. A link to our payment page will appear upon submission and you can also find the payment link in your entry confirmation email. Please ensure that you have submitted all of your awards entries prior to making payment online, this will allow you to pay for all of your entries in one single transaction.
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    If submitting multiple entries you will need to complete and submit a new form for each entry.
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